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I Am Patrick Swayze is a loving tribute to the prolific actor that showcases his life and career through untold stories, exclusive interviews, heartfelt home movies, and family photos featuring those who knew him best. The film explores his childhood in Texas and his enduring relationship with his widow, Lisa Niemi Swayze, who he met as a teenager at his mother’s dance studio. Known for undeniable star quality, the documentary is a window into an artist’s life that delves into Swayze’s remarkable film career working on huge blockbuster hits like Dirty Dancing, The Outsiders, and Ghost. The film features interviews with Swayze’s friends, family – including his widow Lisa Niemi Swayze and brother Don Swayze, co-stars Sam Elliott, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, Kelly Lynch, Demi Moore, Lori Petty, Marshall R. Teague, director Roland Joffe, agent Nicole David, manager Kate Edwards, personal assistant Rosemary Hygate and stuntman Cliff McLaughlin.

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